How to get there

Getting to the Street

All right, you've seen the photos, you've read about the history and techniques, and now you want to visit the street in person! But how do you get there? If you need instructions on how to get to Quebec City itself, we suggest that you follow this link or click on the icon to the right. It will take you to a section of the Quebec city tourism bureau's web site that explains in great detail the many ways to get to the city.

How to get to
Quebec city

If you already know how to get to Quebec City, you can use the map of the old city provided below to locate the rue du Trésor - it's encircled in red. The numbers indicate some of the city's landmarks, as described in the map key, so you can better find your way around. Circled P's indicate Parking spaces.

Map of Old Quebec city

Map of the old city
Map used with kind permission of Jacques Morissette. Do not reproduce.

Map Key

1. Citadel
2. St-Louis Gate
3. Garrison Club
4. Sewell House
5. U.S. Consulate
6. Wolfe-Montcalm Monument
7. Kent Gate
8. St-Jean Gate
9. Ursuline Convent and School
10. Château Frontenac
11. Artillery Park
12. Old Court House
13. Place d'Armes
14. Holy Trinity Anglican Church
15. Champlain Monument
16. City Hall
17. Provincial Tourism Bureau
18. Old Post Office
19. Notre-Dame Basilica
20. Mgr. Laval Monument
21. Hôtel-Dieu Hospital
22. Old Quebec Seminary